Planned Giving (Bequests)

For many of us, as we age, we begin to consider our legacy, what impact we want to make on the generations to come. Of course, we want to take care of our families and friends, but we also may want to support the causes we believe in long after our lifetime.

There are many ways to extend your support of the Foundation for Free Enterprise Education. Whether it is through wills and living trusts, charitable gift annuities, beneficiary designations, real state, endowed gifts, or any of the myriad other options available, there are established, proven methods to take care of your family, minimize your tax burden, and make a real and lasting impact on the Foundation.

Planned giving is very personal and unique to every individual. It can be confusing, intimidating, and overwhelming, but it all starts with a simple conversation. If you are thinking of leaving a lasting legacy with the Foundation for Free Enterprise Education, we encourage you to contact President & CEO Karen Musante or VP of Marketing & Development Scott Lee. Their contact information is listed below and they will be happy to answer your initial questions and point you in the right direction.


Of course, to find the best plan for you, it is important to consult with your attorney and financial planner. They are the experts who will create a plan tailored specifically to you – a plan that ensures your family is taken care of, your tax burden is minimized, and the benefit you provide to the Foundation aligns with your goals and dreams.

Thank you for considering the Foundation for Free Enterprise Education in your estate plan. We look forward to helping you create a lasting legacy for Pennsylvania students for years to come.

To see a current listing of the Foundation's Endowment funds, click here.

Options for Planned Giving

To start a conversation, please contact:


Karen Musante

President & CEO

(814) 833-9756 x2


Scott Lee

VP of Marketing & Development

(814) 833-9576 x8

In closing, we encourage you to consult your accountant, attorney, and financial advisor before considering any of the planned giving options listed above. We thank you for considering a lasting gift to the Foundation for Free Enterprise Education.