Speaker Series Resources

A handy workbook to accompany your Speaker Series learning experience
Postsecondary preparation and career exploration worksheet to fill out after viewing Speaker Series videos.
Tips and template for writing an effective resume
Tips and practice exercise for completing a job application.
A breakdown of what to expect during the job interview process and how to come prepared.
How to write a business letter, with a template.
A list of best practices for hunting down and keeping your dream job.
Schwab Moneywise is a program of the Charles Schwab Foundation that has excellent financial literacy resources for both students and adults.


If a teacher or student would like to get in touch with any of our Speaker Series volunteers, please feel free to email Amber Goss (amber@pfew.org) and she will work to get you connected. Each speaker's contact information is also listed at the end of their video.

Speaker Series Handout