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PFEW provides students with access to a variety of speakers and messages. These lectures range from motivational, to inspirational, to entrepreneurial. Interspersed throughout a busy and interactive PFEW week are dozens of speakers presenting world-class seminars and discussions covering topics such as leadership, business ethics, technology in the workplace, business and government, effective communication, teamwork, job and professional skills, and more — all geared toward the students' personal and professional development.

General Assemblies

These speaker engagements are about an hour long. They typically revolve around the aforementioned topics. General assemblies are attended by the entire PFEW student body.


These are smaller group presentations to one half the PFEW audience at one session and then the students rotate and the same presentation is given to the other half of the group. Each rotation is about 45 minutes in length. 

Keynote Address

This type of speaking engagement involves a featured speaker designed to be the kickoff for the students' week.

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Keynote Speaker Resources

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Speaker Resources

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Event Dates 2024
Week 1 | June 30 - July 5
Week 2 | July 7-12
Week 3 | July 21-26
Week 4 | July 28 - August 2