Become a Judge for PFEW

Being a Judge for one of our Friday competitions is the next best way (after being a Company Advisor) to get a glimpse into the amazing journey our students experience at PFEW. On Friday of each PFEW session, every student company is responsible for both a Stockholders and Advertising Presentation. Both competitions will each have an overall winner declared at the awards ceremony. In addition, the scoring for the Stockholders and Advertising segments each count 25% towards the highlight of the week, which is the naming of the overall Top Company. The judging, therefore, is extremely important to the students. 

The main role of each judge is to act as a positive catalyst for the students when they present their new insights on business and the future, and to represent the business community as supporters of the students' continued development as they learn more about business and themselves. The fresh faces and questions of the judges are what make our events both challenging and unforgettable.

Stockholder Judges

During each Stockholder Presentation, every team will explain the results of their company's simulated operation over the equivalent of a two-year period (8 consecutive quarters). They are given guidelines and instructions concerning what the judges will be looking for during the Friday competition and it is up to the judges to determine which team has done the best at presenting a coherent Stockholders Annual Review.

Advertising Judges

Student teams are given a set of guidelines and limited resources during the week to put together a marketing strategy and advertising campaign that is specific to their industry and developed product. As part of this campaign, they must define their target audience, develop a TV commercial, radio spot, a website, print materials, and social media. Judges are given scoring parameters and must assess each group based on how well and how clearly stated they have put together their campaign.

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Important information

  • The Orientation Session for all Judges begins at 7:00 a.m. on each Friday of PFEW.
  • The last student presentations finish by early afternoon.
  • We ask that judges try to arrive on campus on Thursday evening so that they have a chance to visit with the students and learn more about their week before the judging begins on Friday morning. 
  • Business attire is appropriate for the sessions and all judges are invited to attend the awards ceremony as our guests and help congratulate the winning teams. 
  • For more details on the role of a volunteer judge — check out our info sheet. 

Event Dates 2024
Week 1 | June 30 - July 5
Week 2 | July 7-12
Week 3 | July 21-26
Week 4 | July 28 - August 2