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If you would like to request to participate in the Speaker Series, there are just a few things we will need in order to consider your request. Please fill out the form below and once submitted, a staff member will be in touch.

All videos will be conducted and recorded through Zoom. There will be an intro clip with your photo, name, title and company at the beginning of the video. An FFEE staff member will then start off by introducing you and then turn it over for you to deliver your content. In an interview style video, there will be an outline created ahead of time with your suggested questions, and a more informal back and forth conversation will take place to deliver your content.

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Interview style is conversational with back and forth Q&A. Presentation style you will be introduced and then given the floor to present your content (usually with powerpoint or visual aids).
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If you do have powerpoint or visual aids, we will need you to email a copy to us to include.
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Once put together, the videos will be about 15-20 minutes in length, although it could be longer or shorter depending on your content.