March 18th, 2019, 10:00 AM

Pat first came to PFEW over thirty years ago as a Speaker, knowing very little about the program. 

"I was a fill-in for a gentleman who worked for MidAtlantic Employer's Association.  The program was only for two weeks and he was speaking on what was the role of a Human Resources professional.  He could not attend the second week, gave me his outline and that was the start of being part of PFEW."

So impressed was she with what she saw that first year, she has been coming back and devoting a week of her summer as a Company Advisor ever since. Imagine – devoting more than a quarter century of your life to anything!! 

Of her participation with PFEW, Pat says, "The program is one of the highlights of the year. My newest passion was to also volunteer as a Judge for one of the PFEW competitions during yet a second week of the summer. I am excited because it brings yet another perspective to the program in addition to the one I enjoy each year as being a Company Advisor."

When asked about what she has learned from her participation at PFEW, Pat answered, "When I first became an advisor I just wanted all the students to like me. I have learned througout the last 30 years that gaining their trust and respect is most important.  Some students that I have had in my companies have also never experienced failure. They are life lessons that even as adults, we experience every day."

"I have said countless times that I never thought that I would be a part of this amazing program for as many years as I have.  How fortunate I am to have received that call over 30 years ago to attend a program that I had never heard of, travel to the center of the state, and for a second even thought that I must be lost when I saw the signs for the "Jersey Shore" exit.  I have been so blessed to have met so many wonderful people."  

Pat, it is all of us who are grateful to you – thank you for your extraordinary service and for years of wonderful memories and dedication to our students!

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