January 8th, 2021, 9:00 AM

I initially volunteered as a Company Advisor to PFEW because I wanted an opportunity to give back to the business community. After five years, I continue to feel that there is no better use of my time than to take advantage of an opportunity to work with and develop today's high schoolers, who are tomorrow's business and political leaders. I always receive much more than I end up giving to PFEW. That's because its business and life lessons don't apply to just high schoolers; it applies to everybody. I've been able to re-evaluate my own business with fresh eyes after spending even just one week at PFEW.

PFEW is an incredible organization led and organized by wonderful people. Its mission relies on volunteers who are willing to volunteer their time to make an impact and help shape today's youth. Its positive impact goes far beyond just one week as most of the students who attend truly feel that their lives have been changed. It's not just a business camp. It's also a leadership camp where every student learns important life lessons.

I encourage everybody to consider volunteering at PFEW. Not only will you have a great feeling at the end of an incredible week, but you will make life-long friends with the other Company Advisors and staff at PFEW with a strong sense of camaraderie.

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