Mr. Joe Battista
Speaker & Author
Pragmatic Passion LLC



Professional Speaker, Success Coach, Owner of Pragmatic Passion Consulting, and Author of "The Power of Pragmatic Passion: 7 Common Sense Principles For Achieving Personal and Professional Success." Joe is also the Vice President of Business Development and an Executive Coach for the National Athletic and Professional Success Academy .  Joe has spent his entire career creating, building, growing, and transforming organizations and teams and serving "the greater good". He has been a coach and mentor for over a thousand coaches, colleagues, students, athletes, and campers. His passion for helping others is based on his long-time mantra that "someone has to care".

Joe's Book: The Power of Pragmatic Passion

The Power of Pragmatic Passion is Coach Joe Battista's distillation of 30 years of coaching excellence into 7 Common Sense Principles to find success in your personal and professional life.

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