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Ambassador Enrollment Questions

I understand that the PFEW Student Ambassador Program is a volunteer opportunity that offers flexibility but requires a small time commitment on my part. *
As a PFEW Ambassador, I understand that I am expected to complete 1 to 2 monthly tasks (assigned by the PFEW Staff) and am willing to dedicate myself to this all important role and responsibility during the 2023-2024 school year (November thru May). *
As a PFEW Student Ambassador, I pledge to take full ownership of PFEW's high standards and values as I share my love and excitement for PFEW in the most positive and encouraging manner. *
My legal guardian is aware and supports my decision to enroll in the PFEW Student Ambassador Program. *
My preferred means of virtual communication to effectively and successfully collaborate with fellow Ambassadors and Staff is/are:
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I would be willing and able to take part in virtual monthly meetings (as my schedule permits) to brainstorm, share ideas and ask questions in an effort to bring out the best in all Student Ambassadors and our collaborative recruitment efforts. *
If you could talk to your PFEW sponsor, how would you describe your PFEW experience: *
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I authorize PFEW/FFEE to copy, exhibit, publish or distribute any of my shared content for purposes of publicizing and promoting PFEW. I authorize my name, photo and brief biographical information to accompany my shared content. *