Programs for Pennsylvania Educators

We know that students are our future. That is why all of our programming addresses the compelling and urgent issue of workforce preparedness by offering interactive, impactful programs that help students develop the job-ready skills today's employers' demand. Our passion is to give our young people the knowledge and skills to become tomorrow's next great leaders. Our programs have done just that and we're proud to have changed the lives of over 60,000 students since 1979. Imagine what is yet to come!

Pennsylvania Free Enterprise Week (PFEW) —  Grades 10 & 11


Entrepreneurship, leadership, skills development.

PFEW is an award-winning week-long summer economics education program offered to all current high school sophomores and juniors throughout Pennsylvania. It is an interactive, hands-on program that teaches students to understand and celebrate the American free enterprise system by introducing them to the inner workings of modern 21st-century business.

PFEW is a meaningful evidence-based resource that can be used to demonstrate your District's implementation and validation of high-quality career awareness, exploration, and preparation. PFEW is standards-aligned and puts students on track for meaningful postsecondary engagement and success.

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Speaker Series (In-person & Virtual) — Middle & High School


Career exploration, workforce development, CEW standards.

The Speaker Series is a FREE, online library of video resources geared toward workforce preparedness, career exploration and preparation, motivation, and skills development. It consists of two distinct tracks, the Life Track, focusing on students' inspiration and personal development, and the Career Track, focusing on career exploration and workforce preparedness.  Additionally, our CEW standards-aligned Speaker Series Accompaniment Workbook is a great tool to use in conjunction with the videos. 

Want to bring your classroom to life by furthering a class discussion about a career field or help your students with mentorships and career connections? We'd be happy to facilitate an introduction with any of our speakers, so don't hesitate to contact us.

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Stock Market Game™ (In-person & Virtual) — Grades 4-12


Investing, capital markets, financial literacy.

SMG is an online simulation of the global capital markets that engages students in the world of investing and personal finance and prepares them for financially independent futures. Students are challenged to develop a successful portfolio by investing with a virtual $100,000. Teams compete in their age group and region for the highest return on their investment as they learn about the capital markets and analyze and manage the risks associated with economic and political events. SMG maps to national state educational standards, meets the College and Career Readiness anchors, and reinforces STEM concepts and practices. 

The Teacher Support Center provides teachers with accessible, self-contained, and easy to use lessons to engage students and contextualize the math, language arts, social studies, and economics you're teaching. Training webinars and in-person teacher workshops are also available. *Act 48 hours included. 

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