Frequently Asked Questions
We’ve compiled these questions from the many calls and emails we receive each year. This page should help you quickly get the answers you need.

Expand Me What are this year's program dates and deadlines?
The official PFEW 2021 dates are as follows:
  • Week 1 - Jul. 4-9
  • Week 2 - Jul. 11-16
  • Week 3 - Jul. 25-30
  • Week 4 - Aug. 1-6

Expand Me Who can attend?
Student candidates must have completed either their sophomore or junior year by June of the year they wish to attend PFEW and be recommended by a high school representative. Students need not be enrolled in business courses, however, they must display a sincere interest in gaining valuable knowledge by participating in a challenging experience.

Students who live outside of Pennsylvania are welcome to apply and be considered for PFEW, however, Pennsylvania students are given priority. If an out of state candidate wants to apply, he/she will be responsible for raising their own scholarship fee. All out of state applicants interested in PFEW should contact our offices for more details.

Expand Me What is the student participants cost to attend?
All participants will be sponsored by a local business, civic or educational group, chamber of commerce or a business association. This sponsorship is referred to as a scholarship and will be awarded by the Pennsylvania Free Enterprise Week staff on behalf of the sponsoring organization. The scholarship covers all meals in the college dining hall, dormitory space, program materials, and activities.

However, students are responsible for their own transportation to and from the program and a non-refundable registration fee of $295. (Financial aid and/or payment plans are available by contacting the PFEW office at time of registration.)

Expand Me Where does PFEW take place?
PFEW takes place in Williamsport Pennsylvania. Depending on the week assigned, students will be attending the program on the campus of either Lycoming College or Pennsylvania College of Technology. Students should refer to their registration packets to be sure they are aware of which campus they have been assigned.

Expand Me Does PFEW provide transportation?
No. Each participant is responsible for their own transportation to and from Williamsport. Many students choose to carpool with other students from their area. If participants wish to arrive or depart the program by bus, PFEW staff members will be available to pick them up upon their arrival or transport them to the bus station when the program concludes. Those students just need to be sure to inform the PFEW office well in advance so arrangements can be made.

Expand Me How can someone contact a PFEW participant while they are at the program?
Students are permitted to use their cell phones anytime during free time or a meal time. If there is an emergency and a student needs to be reached, you can call our 24 hour emergency office number listed on a students' registration packet. Packages or letters can be sent to any participant by addressing the package to:

Participants Name
College where they are attending
College address
Williamsport, PA 17701

Expand Me What are the directions to Williamsport?
Use the map for either Lycoming College or Pennsylvania College of Technology that was sent in the students’ registration packet. Click here to look up our online directions.

Expand Me What should student participants bring with them to PFEW?
Each participant should refer to their PFEW checklist of suggested items they received in their registration packet.

Expand Me What are the rules and regulations at PFEW?
Each participant is given a copy of the Rules and Regulations upon registering for the program. All parents and participants also sign off on the rules when a student applies for PFEW.

Expand Me What if a student is taking medication while attending the program?
Each student dormitory building is assigned at least one Resident Hall Advisor. Each RA’s room is equipped with a refrigerator that can be used for storing any medications that need to be kept cold. All students must be able to dispense their own medications to themselves at the proper times. There are no medical staff on campus and any student health issues are immediately dealt with at the Williamsport Hospital.

Expand Me What does a student wear while attending?
Dress while at PFEW is casual (ex: t-shirts, shorts, jeans) with the exception of the final day when students will be required to dress in business attire (pants, dress shirts, ties with or without a sport coat for males; dresses, skirts, dress slacks and a dress shirt for females.) both for their final presentations and for the banquet. No students will be permitted to wear any clothing that is considered vulgar or contains any kind of nudity or profanity at any time during the week. Depending on which campus the student is attending, they may be required to wear closed toed shoes for a tour during the week.

Expand Me Can a student cancel after they have already mailed in the registration packet?
In the event that a student must cancel, they are asked to contact the PFEW office immediately so that their scholarship can be reassigned to another student. The registration fee is, however, non-refundable.

Expand Me Can a student drive themselves to PFEW?
Yes. A student may drive to PFEW, however, they will be required to turn in their car keys upon registering at the program.

Expand Me Can a student choose their own roommate?
Yes. Both students must complete an application and meet all of the eligibility criteria to be accepted to PFEW. If they wish to share dorm rooms, both must complete the Roommate Request section of the application. PFEW will make every effort to ensure that both are placed in the same dorm room.

Expand Me Can students choose which company they are assigned to?
No. All students are randomly assigned to companies by the PFEW staff. This will give all participants the opportunity to meet other students from around the state.

Expand Me Is PFEW all work?
No way!!! PFEW provides you with a chance like no other. To experience what it is like to live on a college campus. You will connect with students from all over Pennsylvania and create friendships that will last a lifetime. Leisurely activities like the "executive fitness" volleyball tournament, ice cream social, a pool party, and the awards banquet give you time to relax and enjoy yourself. And last, but certainly not least, on the final night you can unwind on the dance floor.

Expand Me How do I sign up?
Fill out an application online or download an application from the website. If you currently have a hard copy of an application, complete the application as well as the essays on the back and email a scan/photo to amber@pfew.org or mail it into the PFEW office at the address listed. You may ignore the school official‘s signature line, as the PFEW staff will contact the school directly for this verification.

Expand Me A student or school has sent in their applications...Now what?
After review of your application, you will be notified of your registration status by email. If accepted, you will receive medical and scholarship registration forms that must be completed and returned along with your non-refundable registration fee within the alloted time. Receipt of these forms and the registration fee in a timely manner, confirm your attendance at PFEW.

Expand Me What if a student does not mail their registration material in within the allotted time?
If a student realizes they have not or will not be able to mail in their registration material with the time stated in their registration email and they wish to attend, they MUST contact the PFEW office to make sure their scholarship is still available. The PFEW staff with then instruct the student on how to proceed.

Expand Me A student has sent in their registration material and registration fee. Now what?
Once a student has provided all of the needed information in their registration packet along with their registration fee, they are all set to attend PFEW during the week they were assigned. In order to be sure that the PFEW office has obtained all of the needed paperwork and fees, simply go to the Student Portal to check your status yourself, or if you are an educator checking for a student, go to the Educator Portal to be sure the student's name is listed under your school. You can then click on the individual student's name and see what the status is of their paperwork. PFEW will not notify students directly that their paperwork is completed.

Expand Me I am an Educator interested in getting students involved. How can I promote PFEW?
If you are currently not receiving our School Contact Packets, please contact the PFEW office or sign up on the website by visiting the Educators Update Information Page. A complete schools packet will then be mailed out to you that includes student applications, posters and other useful promotional material.

Expand Me How does a school process applications?
As applications are returned to the school's PFEW contact, they are asked to ensure that all of the information on each application is complete and correct. If school is not in session, school officials can simply email the PFEW office at amber@pfew.org to verify that the applicant(s) are a student at the school and in good standing. PFEW will contact the school via email for verification of any online student applications. No original signatures are required, email verification is sufficient.

Expand Me Can a student participate in PFEW more than once?
No. In order to ensure that all students have the opportunity to attend, participation must be limited to one time only.

Expand Me What is the application deadline?
There are two deadlines for applications. The early bird deadline is generally the first Friday in March. The final deadline this year is May 1st. Due to the amount of applications received each year, it is suggested that applications be mailed into PFEW as soon as they are completed. Those applications received first will receive first choice of the weeks chosen if at all possible.

Expand Me How does a school or organization schedule a presentation on PFEW?
Anyone wishing to inquire about having a presentation done at their school or organizational meeting should contact the PFEW office as far ahead of the event as possible. Please visit our on-line Presentation Request Form to sign up for an in-school presentation. Due to the amount of visits requested each year, availability is limited but every effort will be made to accommodate as many as possible.

Expand Me Is there a limit to the number of applications that one school can submit?
No. Schools are encouraged to submit as many applications as they wish.

Expand Me What are Company Advisors and what qualifications does one need to be an Advisor?
Company Advisors are dedicated folks who each spend a week with their own team of sixteen or seventeen high school students. The young people, along with their Advisor, run an imaginary "company" and compete against two other student "companies" manufacturing and marketing their product. No particular background is needed to be an effective Advisor – just a love of working with young people and a desire to help them prepare to be responsible citizens and participants in our free market system. If you are interested in learning more about being a Company Advisor see our CA Information Sheet or if you would like to sign up, please visit the Company Advisor Sign-Up page.

Expand Me What if I am assigned a week I cannot attend?
On the initial application, please rank in order the week you would like to attend PFEW. PFEW staff will make every attempt to meet your requests, however, space is limited and is available on a first come, first served basis. If you are assigned a week and are not able to attend, we will make every effort possible to accommodate you. Once a week is full, you will be placed on a waiting list, but will not be guaranteed a spot in the preferred week.

***Please note: In the event you should need to change weeks or cancel, please contact the PFEW office. Once submitted, your registration fee is non-refundable.

Expand Me What is the schedule of events for each week at PFEW?
Due to possible last minute schedule changes, the schedule for each PFEW session remains tentative and is not released to students, parents or educators until the first day of each session. At that time, a schedule for the week will be provided to all students.

Expand Me Are there any students/parents willing to carpool from my area?
With the high price of gas and hectic summer schedules, we often have parents looking for assistance with travel arrangements to and from PFEW. If you wish to carpool with another family, please email our office and give written permission for us to share your information with any interested family from your area. You may also wish to contact your student's school guidance office or PFEW contact for a list of students attending PFEW.

***Please note: We cannot give out personal information such as phone numbers, addresses, etc. without written permission from a parent/guardian.

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